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Consulting Services Recruitment Notice


Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The “Combating Domestic Violence against Women and Children” project financed by a grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, administered by Asian Development Bank. The Grant Agreement was signed by the Government of Mongolia and the Asian Development Bank has become effective on 1 February 2019. The Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs (MOJHA) is the project executive agency (EA) and the Project Implementing Unit (PIU) was established under the Secretariat of Coordination Council for Crime Prevention (SCCCP), MOJHA. Detailed information of the project can be obtained from: https://www.adb.org/projects/51217-001/main.

The MOJHA intends to recruit a qualified Environment Specialist to ensure adequate environment management requirements at the construction sites for shelters in Uvs, Selenge and Sukhbaatar aimags and Songinokhairkhan and Nalaikh districts of Ulaanbaatar city.

The purpose of assignment is to ensure adequate environment management requirements in line with the ADB Safeguard Policy Statement and the government environment management guidelines. The specialist will assist the EA, the PIU, and the relevant aimag and district departments in ensuring the project environment management requirements and arrangements and coordinating the implementation of the environmental management checklist (EMC) for civil works.

Scope of Work

The Environment Specialist will assist the MOJHA, SCCCP, and the Project Implementing Unit, the relevant aimag and district departments in coordinating the implementation of the environment management and supervision for the civil works at 5 shelters in 3 aimags as of Uvs, Selenge and Sukhbaatar and 2 districts as of Songinokhairkhan and Nalaikh. S/he will work for 5 months on an intermittent basis and under the direct supervision of the PIU Coordinator.

Detailed Task and/or Expected outputs

Confirm that rehabilitation works do not cause any involuntary resettlement impacts;

  • Assist the PIU in preparing bidding documents for rehabilitation works to ensure that the environment-related specifications provided in the EMC are incorporated in technical specifications;
  • Provide support in evaluating bids for construction works to ensure that compliance with the environment-related specifications is evaluated and documented in bid evaluation reports;
  • Prepare necessary documents and obtain general EIAs from respective District and AimagEnvironmental Authorities for each site prior to the awarding of civil works contracts;
  • Advise contractor(s) and the PIU on project environment management requirements and arrangements, including establishment of a simple grievance redress mechanism;
  • Provide training on environmental management checklist implementation and monitoring for the implementing agencies and civil work contractors;
  • Review and clear, on behalf of the PIU and the aimag and district departments site- specific environmental management table (EMT) prepared by civil works contractors;
  • Monitor and ensure proper implementation of the EMT prepared under the project and conduct at least two site visits to each construction site (at the beginning of the works and at the completion stage);
  • Identify any implementation issues relating to environment and provide recommendations to solve them;

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  1. At least a postgraduate degree in environmental sciences, environmental engineering and or a related field;
  2. Minimum general experience should be 10 years
  3. Minimum specific experience should be 8 years
  4. Conducting project environmental assessments and management, preferably in projects financed by international financial institutions implemented in Mongolia would be advantage;
  5. Proficiency of English language is required;
  6. Familiarity with the ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) is preferred.

Application SUBMISSION Procedure

Interested individuals should apply through ADB’S Consulting Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) following the link below by 18 December 2019, 10:00 pm (Ulaanbaatar time)

link https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=155065

The following documents should be submit/uploaded into the CMS:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Curriculum vitae/Resume
  3. Copies of diplomas of academic degrees
  4. Two Reference Letters from previous and or current employer


Contact information:

Project Implementing Unit

G9198-MON: Combating Domestic Violence against Women and Children

The Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia

Government Building V, Chingeltei district, Trade Street 6/1

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: 976-51-267533, Fax: 976-51-267533


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