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The Combating Domestic Violence Against Women and Children (Grant 9198-MON) is being implemented by the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs (MOJHA) and administered by Asian Development Bank (ADB) with funding of the Government of Japan. The project aims to deliver three outputs: (i) multi-disciplinary response and livelihood assistance services to domestic violence survivors delivered; (ii) capacity of key officials and staff responsible for protection and rehabilitation services for DV survivors improved; and (iii) behavior of key stakeholders on prevention, reporting and protection of survivors improved. The project outcome will be the quality of and access to prevention and multi-disciplinary response to domestic violence strengthened. More information about the project can be obtained from https://www.adb.org/projects/51217-001/main

PIU Project Coordinator – National (26 person-months)

The Project coordinator will be responsible for the overall management and monitoring of implementation of the project under the MOJHA’s supervision. The project coordinator will work closely with the MOJHA, the executing agency, three implementing agencies of the project, ADB and other partners involved in project implementation.

Tasks. The project coordinator’s responsibilities include the following but not limited to:

  • responsible for day-to-day coordination and management of all project activities, and report to the MOJHA and ADB;
  • ensure implementation of the project action plans and procurement plans, and report results to the Project Director and the PSC;
  • support the MOJHA in recruiting consultants and contractors, review/monitor the quality of deliverables, and ensure overall coordination among consultants (firms and individual);
  • sign contracts to purchase essential goods and services; ensure stable functioning of the PIU and monitoring its implementation;
  • responsible for project accounts, and opening and management of the advance account;
  • responsible for quality assurance, quality planning and quality reviews;
  • monitor and evaluate performance of PIU staff, making recommendations on contract renewals, termination and accountability;
  • perform roles and responsibilities under part 12.1 of the Government decree No.176 on “Procedure on obtaining, utilizing, managing, registering and reporting foreign aid”;
  • ensure that sufficient counterpart funds are included in the relevant draft central and local budget submitted to the Ministry of Finance (MOF);
  • prepare the project quarterly and annual reports to the MOJHA and ADB in a format consistent with ADB’s project performance management system;
  • act as a secretary for the steering committee;
  • prepare annual project work plans approved by the MOJHA;
  • ensure that procurement activities and fund flow arrangements are in accordance with ADB guidelines and government requirements;
  • support selection of two types of small-scale grants for: (i) select survivor women of domestic violence; and (ii) shelters, one-stop service centers and MDTs, and ensure effective timely implementation of the small-scale grant programs at grassroots level through regular on-site monitoring;
  • assist ADB missions in undertaking reviews by preparing in advance the project implementation status reports.
  • supervise and coordinate PIU staff, consultants, contractors, and stakeholder activities to facilitate implementation according to plan, schedule and budget;
  • coordinate and facilitate the public relations in coordination with SCCCP and field coordinators;
  • administer contracts including processing of progress certificates, review of request for amendment to contracts, preparation of change orders and nonconformance notices;
  • in coordination with PIU’s Finance and Administrative Officer submit to the MOF: (i) the withdrawal applications based on contracts, claims and supporting documents, and (ii) requests for replenishments of advance accounts;
  • ensure the implementation and practice of appropriate financial accounting and reporting and record keeping systems, compatible with the financial reporting system;
  • arrange annual audits of project accounts and assure timely submission; and ensure auditors recommendations are implemented and approve proposed action in the event of adverse financial audits or monitoring and evaluations reports;
  • in close coordination with PIU staff ensure compliance with social, gender and environment-related grant covenants; and
  • prepare a project completion report following ADB guidelines 6 months after the physical project completion.


The project coordinator will be an experienced manager with:

  • minimum of master’s degree in sociology, gender or development studies, human rights, law, public administration or applied social science;
  • at least 6 years of work experience in project coordination for projects financed by ADB or other international development agencies;
  • a solid understanding of project implementation policies and procedures adhered by the Government and ADB;
  • demonstrated ability to facilitate meetings and negotiations with a wide range of stakeholders, especially governments, private companies, communities, and civil society organizations;
  • demonstrated ability to manage a team;
  • possession of an effective A3 public procurement certificate would be an advantage;
  • work experience in the government organization and experience in gender mainstreaming, gender-based violence including domestic violence or social protection would be an advantage; and
  • excellent English language skills.

Application Submission Procedure

Interested candidates should submit an application consisting of the following documents, prepared in English language:

  • Cover letter (maximum two pages) explaining the reasons for applying to the position, describing how the candidate’s qualification, skills and work experiences meet the selection criteria
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two reference letters, one from previous employer, one from the latest direct supervisor
  • Copies of all diplomas and certificates

All documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope that indicates the applied position, and hand delivered to the contact person, as mentioned below at MOJHA by 17:00 p.m. of October

16, 2020. Please note that the submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Applicants shall be fully responsible for submission of complete and accurate documentation. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and asked to (i) have a job interview with the selection committee; and (ii) provide proof of work experience and original copies diplomas and certificates at the interview.

Contact Information:

Attn: Translator and Administrative officer

“Combating Domestic Violence Against Women and Children” Project

Room #606, Government Building V, Chingeltei district, Trade street 6/1

The Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: 976-77449198

e-mail: grant9198@gmail.com

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